Brainfuck.js is a nice Brainfuck implementation written in javascript extended by a number of additional functionalities. Brainfuck is an easy to learn and hard to master programming language. find out more about it here.*


Brainfuck.js is nice, that means it is compliant with the inofficial portability standards as offerd by brian raiter. behaviours that in the standards are classified as undefined are implemented as follows:

Brainfuck.js contains additional extensions which are described below. however their usage can be seen as optional so that the portability standards are not broken.

Extensions/Additional Features


Brainfuck.js offers you to use single line comments by opening a line with # ; or *.


# a comment that sais: initial load

* a comment that sais: open potential infinite loop
	; a line commented out:
	; [>+>+>+<<<-]


annoyed by hitting your plus-key a thousand times while developing in brainfuck? tired of counting keydowns all the time? i have a solution for you: the bf-shortcuts. it not only helps you to save some time and keyboards, but also makes your brainfuck-code a little less human readable. and wow.. have we waited!

it's as easy as that: replace a long string of similar instructions with a short letter+number combination and the preprocessor included in Brainfuck.js will do the rest. see the table below to get an impression.

shortcut what it does example
iX increment cell by X i4 = ++++
dX decrement cell by X d5 = -----
rX move pointer to the right by X r3 = >>>
lX move pointer to the left by X l6 = < < < < < <

a "Hello World" program that normaly looks like this:


with bf-shortcuts can be compressed to:


and the other tool is:


this is a tool that helps to translate your text into relativly slim and fast (no loops) brainfuck code. paste your text into the code-input, hit "txt2bf" and what you get is standard bf-code that uses only one cell.

Example: "it's a trap" will be translated to:


* you say: "come on man, get your layout together. you can do better that this." i say: "brainfuck has something very hackerish to me and as experience taught me: hackers never use css. default layout is good enough for hackers. and i'm with them. at least when it comes to brainfuck."